понедельник, 21 января 2008 г.

Britney bought the test for pregnancy

Couple of days ago paparazzi have photographed Britney in a drugstore when she bought the test for pregnancy. Ednan during that moment was with it, however, as well as usually...uIt is necessary to hope only, that It is smoothfaced during that moment only has joked of photographers. Represent, what will be, if it is again pregnant?!

Britney Spears as a brand

For the usual newspaper reader, life Britney Spears seems madness. But for some certain people of Ms. Spirs - a gold vein which brings the improbable sums of money. Proceeding from judicial documents, well-being Britney is estimated in 125 million dollars, and its monthly income makes 737 thousand dollars, hence, 9 million a year. However the given sums - anything in comparison with in how many is estimated a brand «Britney Spears».

Company Elizabeth Arden has received more than 110 million from sales of spirits Britney Spears among which aromas «Believe», «Curious» and «Fantasy», and PepsiCo paid to it of 10 million for one advertising performance.

One usual every day photo Britney is bought by magazines from 250 dollars to 100 thousand, considering a foreshortening, quality and exlusive. The photo receives agency X17 for photo Britney more than 30 percent of their aggregate profit: in 2007 in its pictures owners of agency have earned 2,5 million, and they have received for exclusive photos of the bald singer of 500 thousand dollars.

Their competitors Splash News declare, that have earned on a photo of Ms. Spirs about 15 percent from the aggregate profit. On average data, Britney brings an order of 20 percent from the general profit of the paparazzi.

Practically daily in news-stands there are new releases of magazines with Britney Spears on a cover. The newspaper with the singer on a cover is sold by million circulation, in средне for 33 percent it is better, than usual release.

From January, 2006 till July 2007, Britney appeared on a cover of magazines People, Us Weekly, In Touch, Life and Style, OK! And Star on the average 175 times of all for 78 weeks. During that period, sale of editions with the singer on a cover, have brought to owners of magazines more than 360 million. She also in sixth time heads annual rating Yahoo Search.

воскресенье, 20 января 2008 г.

Federline - not the reader, Federline - the writer!

Probably, at Kevin`s Federline the next financial crisis. As we remember, former husband Britni could not become the singer any more (the debut album of the dancer has failed), the actor (at its cinema did not take) and the radio leader. But Federline does not surrender, now he has decided to become the writer. As it is not difficult to guess, Kevin has again decided to maintain the unique successful project - marriage with the pop princess. Federline has informed, that plans to let out in the near future the book in which will write all about the joint life from Ms. Spirs. As it is informed, for revelations Federline will receive 10 million dollars

Revelations of the best girlfriend Britni Spirs

The condition of mental health Britney Spears fills with misgivings to experts in this area, and also to the family of the former pop star. However the best girlfriend and the cousin singer Elli Sims assures: Britney not the madwoman.
In frank interview Elli has expressed anxiety for the relative and the girlfriend and has denied hearings about as if Spears abuses drugs.

To honour Elly Sims, it is possible to notice, that she never agreed to give discrediting the girlfriend of interview and refused even the most flatter offers. Appeared in the edition "US Weekly" revelations Elli are full of sympathy and experiences. Especially the girl is excited with relations Britney with photographer Adnanom Galibom who everywhere appears recently in a star society.

I do not think, that Adnan - the good person, - 26-year-old cousin Spirs speaks. - I think, at it bad intentions. It has left at me strange sensation. I would like, that it has simply left.

At Elly Sims there is a explanation to strangenesses in behaviour Britney. "When you go on the lives, all time obeying others, as a result come to that itself you can not define that for you is really important", - speaks Elly, making comments on occurrence in an environment of singer Sam Lutfi. The singer listens to councils of this person with the dark past, and it seems, it takes important enough place in her life.

Also, according to Sims, hearings about predilection Spears for the forbidden preparations are strongly exaggerated. "I was with it eight months practically every day and never anything similar saw, and after all I there lived".
As speaks Elly Sims, Britney Spears"adores" children and it is simply very upset and grieved by proceeding fight for the guardianship right over kids.

I would like, that people have simply given it a respite and have lagged behind it, - summarises Sims.

Meanwhile, other editions seriously discuss suicide Britney Spears. The singer as if even has left an agonal note. In which it was spoken: "It would be better, if I was not". However, Sam Lutfi denies hearings about existence of the note and in general similar intentions at Britney.

And experts in the field of psychiatry state in the meantime serious fears concerning state of health Spears. As newspaper Sun writes, among other infringements at the former pop star suspect maniacal depression and a dual personality.

It is known, that the grandmother of the actress on a fatherly line suffered from depression has committed suicide at the age of 31 years, and father Britni suffered from alcoholic dependence. So the strange behaviour of a star can be connected and with a bad heredity. It is necessary to hope, that Britney all the same will find in itself forces to consult with all complexities and to return by a normal life.

Britney Spears will play the lesbian

In a role of the dancer-lesbian, venerable director Quentin Tarantino sees such now Britney Spears. The fan of krovavo-erotic films is intended to remove a thriller remake «Faster, the cat! Kill! Kill!», left in 1966.

Apparently, Spears it will organically be entered in a picture with present image. Except it, Tarantino is intended to invite actresses Kim Kardashan and Eve Mendes. A film plot bloody and erotic.

Three dancers-lesbians go to desert where arrange races on cars. There they meet young man and its girl-friend who, having argued with girls, lose arrival. Then dancers kill the guy, and its girl take in the hostage. Probably, participation in a thriller will distract Britney from gloomy thoughts.

суббота, 19 января 2008 г.

Associated Press prepares for death Britney Spears

Agency Associated Press already filled the obituary about legendary singer Britney Spears.

This agency last months observed of actions of the singer and has come to conclusion, that it is better to write in advance the obituary about Britney, than after her death.

They assert, that do not want, that the singer has left this life. Members of agency say, that Britney as all know, is on the verge of risk and consequently they have decided to prepare the obituary about it in advance. Associated Press says, that if the singer lives as early as more many years, they only will be glad also the obituary will be never published.

Paparazzi have fought because of Britney Spears

Scandaly Britney Spears has appeared in the company new boyfriend, photographer Ednan Halib in los-angeles restaurant. After paparazzi have tried to photograph a couple, Ednan has attacked the colleagues.

During fight in an institution the table and some chairs have been broken.
The paparazzi not afraid anger Halib, have photographed Britney at an exit from shop Kitson which have opened specially for a star late at night. Spears has come to shop in a man's shirt and fragmentary stockings in a grid which it, similar, does not remove a week, writes "Today".

However nobody has paid to an indecent kind of mother of two children of attention as on a ring finger of the right hand at it the new wedding ring flaunted. The photo became acknowledgement of hearings that Spears is going to get married for the Arabian friend.